How to sell your car

Simply searching for advice on "how to sell my car" is not going to yield you enough information to make an informed decision, and any information you do find will be fragmented at best. Follow the steps below to make sure that you sell your car for a fair price and get the best deal from the buyer.


1. When you want to sell your car, you want to make sure that you know what kinds of records you have for your car. A car becomes more valuable the more service records you have. When you have no records at all, the buyer has nothing to go on as far as how your car has been maintained. Make sure you have as many service records as possible.


2. Make sure that the car has been detailed and is kept clean. When someone comes to look at a car, trying to explain away trash or a dirty car is not going to compel someone to buy the car. It must be in the best shape it has ever been in so that the buyer knows they are getting a beautiful car for their mon-ey.


3. When you allow someone to test drive the car, make sure the car has plenty of gas in it so that it be-haves properly for the driver. You want to person testing the car to know that they are driving the car in tip top shape.


4. If you are not sure how to price the car, you want to ask a fair price for the car, but always indicate that you are willing to negotiate with your buyer. That means that anyone can come to you and check out the car. They may come wanting to negotiate, but they may be willing to pay your asking price after a test drive. If not, you can work out a deal to move the car as fast as possible.


5. You should consider how fast the car must be sold. Listing the car in multiple places will get it sold fast. If you have time, don't overdo the listings, and be choosy with who you sell to.

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